A highlight from EPISODE 111: Play In, Chemistry, Zeke, Flash & The Answer W/ Guest April Marie


Coming up on this episode of the podcast. We have a special guest joining us. Ms april marie is in the building. We are going to give you our thoughts on the nba play in tournament. Also discuss should the brooklyn nets concerned about chemistry issues. Go into the playoffs and we also play a little game of start bench. Cut with dwayne. Wade alan iverson and isaiah. Thomas dwayne wade is the most overrated player and He history let me finish in the history of the nba. The most over rated player in the history of nba. Take okay. let's dewayne. Wade's join with. Greatest career highlight was against the dallas mavericks in the nba finals. We can all agree with that. That's not his greatest great. How is his running the nba finals against the dallas mavericks. He the boy that that were good but his greatest run was the finals against the dallas. Mavericks anything go back and watch. Those finals is very simple. Couldn't shoot during the finals. All they had to do with the spurs with the mavericks for whatever reason in their coach refused to do it he kept driving to the lane over and over and over and he had a good finals. Run but If you take that out of his resume take that run out of his resume. He's a good player but we talked about him. Some people say he's a great shooting guard of all time he is not. He's not that works. Who into the new channels.

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