Rising Tides with Dr. Victoria Herrmann


I am talking with. Dr victoria is the managing director of the arctic institute. A gates scholar at cambridge university and the national geographic explorer. Hi victoria welcome to the podcast. I agree to be here looking forward to this. Conversation has been real. Treat to do some background research on you. But let's just start off because you wasn't even quite sure how to introduce you. Let's start off. What is the arctic institute. The arctic institute is a nonprofit organization. That space here in washington. Dc but we have a team of about forty five researchers across north america and europe working towards a justice. Dana ball end secure. Are we do research across the many dimensions of arctic security so thank climate security. Which is what. I do cultural security. But also maritime security hard security food security making sure everyone is safe healthy and their wellbeing is up across the arctic region. now what is a gates scholar. A gates scholar is a scholarship. That i was very fortunate to have to complete my phd at university in the uk. It's a scholarship that is afforded to anyone who is a resident outside of the uk and is dedicated to improving the lives of others. So that includes me a geographer but also biologists and chemists anthropologist lawyers all working hopefully towards a better world okay so this is not associated with bill gates at all it was established by bill gates established alongside his father bill gates senior. So it is his money and his vision started at twenty years ago this year. Actually so we are celebrating our twentieth anniversary in twenty twenty one. Okay so named gates usually typically think of bill

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