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Forty. That's quadruple zero. But a me at the scene. Zinger how you do in oakland meal and camille ca me. I think it's going meal. Whatever is in spanish all a communist us me amigos court dambiyn. Great amazing how am i doing. Great absolutely wonderful chilling relaxing. Doing the best. I can with the time i have available and just counting the time until we're allowed back in the gymnasiums clubs or inside to the clubs outside the real world into the prime marks and all that good stuff if i. I'm checking on the show via youtube. Note to smash hit subscribe. Tony vacation believable common below and shed a showed up. He greatly appreciated in vienna podcast. A five star review via apple. Podcasts would be very much appreciate because that helps to bump up they'll show in the algorithm. So if you could do me a big favor. Leave a review the podcast. If you listening via their then please do so. If of course wants to pull the patriots the patriots to promote do that a patient comforters. Augustina i put a bonus episode of on their on their at the moment my unfiltered views and opinions. I feel a bit self conscious about publishing on my youtube channel or soft. I feel might potentially get me. Cancelled are going to put it directly on the patriots. So make sure you check our patron to com fortress agostino. that's patriot force has a g. o. s. t. i n. Hijo and get involved on there. Today are be greatly appreciated. Those support as ever is only one dollar equivalent of one pound support the show via patriot or cost go directly to my beer budget and to buying behr equipment and of course sponsoring matt my acquisition of a new mercedes after watching that drake video and he is deb. My automobile came up here. Thank you for supporting the as per users. Pleasure to share my personal opinions with you guys to medium of youtube and podcasts with that. Milwaukee is actually very great net benefit to mental health and to my general outlook on life is kind of brightened up during this incredibly hard time to you know get things in order as most of you are aware i'm sure most of you are some of your probably going through far west times and i have gone through but we are here together holding each other's hands right hand holding each other's hands if that makes any sense i don't know what that is but you know the vibes in hope you're well and doing good so a weapon. Forget about today. Whoever thinking about today many things many things many many things number one thing are thinking about today right. I went to kind of speak about rent important. My head is i was thinking. Will you still be watching. Dj livestreams if you have in any way during the ones you'd be watching during look would you consider. Would you continue watching them once. You've you know wherever you live has opened up. And you're able to go back to the real world and able to kind of go to an actual club. Will you continue watching like dj ashrams. I'm a little bit in between. I'm not too sure again. I'm in a unique position. Because i can kind of see it from the perspective of a. Dj haven't done it for a number of years. I ve very low level. Don't get me wrong. Bars and pubs around my area still is something to hold onto something I can see from that size now. Schools from punter having done my favorite of techno toryism. So i would say as an artist or as a dj. I would be ellipoid. If i was playing somewhere in the club and i was told them is set to be recorded because even for myself and i've recorded a few pirate studios bigger pirate.

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