Global Shortage in Semiconductors Increases


Global shortage in computer chips reaches crisis point. And i really wish that they would just break more into what's actually going on behind the scenes. I get it maybe to some extent. We might not actually know what's going on. But let's hop on into the articles. He what's up. Consumers are facing price rises and shortages of products from. Tv's mobile phones to cars and game consoles as a global shortage in. Semiconductors grows shortage in chips. The brain with an electronic device in the world has been steadily worsening since last year now. Initially the problem was only temporarily in supplies. Factories shut down when the pandemic i hit however although production is back to normal a new surge in demand driven by changing habits fueled by the pandemic means that now is reaching a crisis point car manufacturers investing in tech heavy electric vehicles. Which is okay. I'm just going to make a point to some extent stupid. Gopher hybrid the boom in sales of tv's in home computers launch new game consoles five g. Mobile phones have all driven demand. So we know that demand has been going on an increase to like crazy stupid level that we haven't seen before even a mighty apple a two trillion dollar company in the world's biggest buyer of semiconductors spending fifty eight billion annually was forced to delay the launch of much hyped iphone twelve by two months last year due to the shortage in one of the reasons. Chips are everything says neal camping media in tech analyst at mehrabad. There's a perfect storm of supply and demand factors going on here but basically there is a new level of demand that can't be kept up with everyone is in crisis and it's getting worse for recently canceled shift at two car. Plants and said profits could be hit by up to two point. Five billion year due to chip shortages while nissan is idling output at plants in mexico. Us general motors said they could face a two billion dollar profit hit as well. Meanwhile sony last month along with other console makers has struggled with stock shortages over the last year that it might not hit sales targets for new playstation five this year because of the semiconductor supply issue microsoft's xbox said if forecasts supply issues continuing at least until the second half of the year and then they go on to talk about samsung itself selling fifty six billion dollars of semi conductors to other an consuming thirty. Six billion dollars of them itself finds. It may have to delay the launch of one of its own products as well. They're co chief executive. Who had its mobile business. Unit highlighted a significant issue. Saying there is a serious imbalance in the pecking order of who has Giving the limited supplies of chips so what exactly is going on. While chip shortage looks set to persist for some time yet. It up the two years to get complex semiconductor production factories up and running and manufacturers are in process of significantly raising prices for the second time in less than a year is no sign of supply catching upper demand decreasing while prices are rising across the chain so economically. What does this mean means. Less supply obviously unable to meet demand and prices. Go up because of it. Because that's kind of the only counterbalance that you have to be able to balance everything taken an economics course at the basic level. How things work. So what exactly is going on. It could be that. There aren't enough factories able to produce enough of a supply of semiconductors. One thing i'm wondering though is are there enough materials to be able to construct it. I mean semiconductors aren't really the easiest to make their actually quite complex quite exact in its production of it not to mention you also need to have trained individuals who know how to do it. Do it well Which is a limited supply of as

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