How Karla Vasquez Reclaimed Salvadoran Food

Latina to Latina


Carl that thing. That i have i thing is happening to happen periodically. Which is that. I have followed you for so long. That i have to remind myself that. We're not actually friends internet. You pursing. that's right first. Time talking in a formal capacity. Yes absolutely i mean isn't that what's so wonderful about social like that is still the golden nugget. In all of this chaotic energy. That social media is the wonderful folks that find each other there and you're on the same frequency. It feels so apart of ucla at home with each strangers. When is it you decide. You want to pursue a formal culinary education so that happened because i was diagnosed with a chronic health on this. I am a type one diabetic. So i think. Have minute insulin pen here. If you know anything about diabetes you know that your success of being healthy with it is really dependent on what you eat. So when i was diagnosed i was twenty three and i was so confused. I had just finished. A few half marathons was on that smoothie life and everything. And then i'm told i have this and the doctor explains well. It's just one of those things. It's genetics there's nothing in your diet. Not that you were eating bad or anything. This is just something that was gonna happen to you. And i okay. Well how do i manage this. And he said well. I would advise you to not eat for us. Don't he. this greasy food. A lot of latin food is not going to be very favorable for your house and that was just heartbreak because i felt that time that without realizing you know he was really saying. You have to make a choice between your health and your culture and sex that your cultures reread unhealthy for you is really you know the subtexts of all of what she is trained to say to be and i was really bothered by this. And how like this guy is just wrong this. There's no way that this is true. Might food is healthy for me. I am going to figure out a way. And so i really start getting involved in the food. Justice seen Here in la start managing farmers markets and the farmers market. Were working at the time. Says we need to get sales up for peaches. I think and the farmers market manager said like. Do you think you do a cooking. Demo and i fought was cantaloupe. canelo is i. I can't do a damn will i. That is eventually talked to you. Know my parents. I was like maybe i'll do. Let's try. I did eat cantaloupe salsa. I remember and it was fine. I had a good time. We kept doing it and finally she says these are so great. We're getting people to come in to try food and the farmers are happy. Because there's more traffic so we're going to put you on the schedule every single eventually people would stay after class or after my demo and say hey i have this ingredient. How do i use this. Or what's another way. That i keep prepare this and then he started to call me. Chef chef carla. I'm looking at the ferruginous today. And i would. Let's now how you recommend me using it. And i thought all who's gonna tell them i was really trying to have this farmer's market in east hollywood who you know. The only reason i got involved is because of everything. I was learning about the access to food. And how integral when we talk about social justice and when we look at the scope of problems and challenges in our communities food is is there for this political crews picking your food who gets to eat certain foods and i was not there to make canelo sausa- but of course you know you found me doing and i when i started to get people you know to come after class in asking these questions i thought like i really need to be about it and i refused to go. Get more

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