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Know how he's basically fell over the last year addressing some of the accusations allegations against him. I'm trying his best to basically industry. He's a changed man and he wants to kind of move on from this period and kind of get back to doing what he does. Best telling jokes and continue on vs podcasts. But i did question at the time if it if it did it was premature or if there was a incorrect or if there was a correct way of kind of coming i apologize because as we've kind of our that's broken around this podcast. I'm still a firm believer that you know the wrong way to do. It is falling. What brian calendars. Don't show what the right way is. Because i've never been accused of something like this and i've touched with and never does happen By do know the wrong way to do is do brian. Cowen did now. Should you be going completely silent for a year. Plus as kyle. Chris elliott has done. No you been june it boy ever more than six months probably not. You probably should address ahead on and try your best. You kind of clear name. Whatever way you can people will say oh. You shouldn't be your name because they should be wondering to prove you rat. Cool safe water. We live in at the moment. Unfortunately things change. And you basically have to prove you're innocent as approved as opposed to your accuser. Having to prove you're guilty it just is what it is we live in. It's not fair. But i is. What it is now can prove. I don't know once. Maybe people are kind of poff by trying to fight that in colts properly. Because they're afraid of what else may come out of from the story and they're afraid of going up on the standings often you know court cases along the expensive will this shit i get it so maybe putting your head down hoping that people go away to do it again you know seeing as the amount of reputational damage. This stuff does your best. Your best bet is to kind of address it in some meaningful way when it happens as opposed to kind of lay low and now that christie's kind of popped his head out from underneath the parapet another lady has now come out courtesy of tmz and basically accuse. Chris of stealing his virgin stealing virginity is headlines from us. The following kristalina sued right. You stole my virginity. Seventeen include comedian allegations. I think this might be the first person that's actually put together an actual lawsuit against him so this is mad and just a day after the he all couple of often when he apology or he's kind of explanation on back video. So says the volume. Chris had sex with a seventeen year old high school student and she says when she told him he's a age

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