#125: Why You Should Play Games with Your Kids with Jack Berkenstock Jr., MHS - burst 12


Can work with families as long as they have all the tech necessary there are platforms not only mean role. Playings a little bit easier because there are things like roll twenty fantasy grounds there where we call v. tt's virtual tabletops so you can do maps in minis and all that kind of cool tech stuff or you can just do basic theater of the mind which is like what you and i are doing and i could share an image of the monster and i can play background music and Know that nicole stuff but there's also a lot of online board game resources Discord is also very popular for playing role playing games right. Now because you have video and voice chat There's a website called board game arena which has video and voice chat and you actually have scripted mods for board games that People can play especially in the midst and the cool thing is that i think it's For an advanced membership to that website. It's only four dollars a month and they have well over. I think it's like seven hundred games that you could play. There's also tabletop stimulator which can get through steam. There's table tokyo which is another website so there are a ton of ways to do online facilitation of these of these types of games. The only problem is that sometimes you're limited in what games you can play because they have to be scripted by people and So yeah we definitely offer services We currently do of some spots available on our saturday. Private pay group Which runs from about two thirty two. Two two o'clock to four o'clock saturday. Es t But we also can offer groups based on new populations. We've run for children. We've run for teens. We've run for adults Refund for things from depression to anxiety. We can run for trauma. We've run for folks on the autism spectrum we're also doing a research project with the local university harrisburg university of science technology. To explore the efficacy of this model with adults would social anxiety especially in kobe and So yet a lot of lot of good stuff that we can offer an all folks have

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