The definition of your health


So what is what does success when it comes to health and wellness is it example. I like everybody. Losing fifty kilos is it. Example bay having bama of twenty five is it example say having fifty kilos of lean muscle mass. Is it being able to around five kilometers. What is true health wellness and that is really what i want to dive deep into today because let's be honest. Health and wellness is different. Every person on this earth short we may have aspirations that align with one another such as a two hundred k j deadliest personal best all losing fifteen kilos to fit into your wedding dress or even be able to do the splits. I can't do that. You'll goals may often along with other people's goals but they differ. Because you have your own personal meaning behind them which drives you to achieve them now. One thing health is not is when you take someone else's go health goals all idea of health as you are because you want to a fit in bay impressed them will save. Feel that you have to have those as your goals. Otherwise you around on the not to want to be around you not on. So let's take a quick stab at what i think is true health and wellbeing. So if you want to improve your health by taken on goals at someone else's impressed upon you eva because they want your support all let's be honest one you'd have this anglos zen and it's up to you to know how to handle the situation but i do not believe that personal true personal well-being comes from having goals made for you about your own. Mind your embody yarn health. They need to be yours. So let's talk about body transformations live. Trent lott changing transformations do not just because someone eats bedford turns up to the gm consistently short that may play a role. The let us be honest. There are plenty. Plenty of. Fact is the play a role in success when it comes to a healthy transformation which i will listen now and i wanted to reiterate that success is you make it. It is not what i'm going to tell. You is my definition of success. It is up to you. Determine what is the best version of your health would success for you with your health and wellbeing goals with light loss. I'm having a mental health getting stronger paying for a better sleep. Whatever it is success is what you make it. So the plenty of factors in in the role of success when it comes to a healthy transmission going to the list. you've got reduced. Inflammation never inflammation could occur through better nutrition and less sleep deprivation. You've got improve sleep quality through nutrition through rigorous blue light exposure. Which improves the melatonin. Palau's melatonin to actually forming a slate and exercise. You've then got increased muscle through resistance training if got increased muscle occurring receive quality using the growth home arm and number talking about homes. He actually inject the growth. Moment is something that naturally occurs when you go to sleep in recovery muscle-building phase and then you've got nutrition intake to see how these things will connect improved got health which can help be role of success in la transformation because improved got health can come from better nutrition making better choices having a better relationship with food understanding. What types of foods actually make a difference to one's health mo- being done you know you've got food. Roddy you can improve your sleep quality again. Which will improve your health and your regular exercise. Woman's who will. This is a really big one. And i deep dive into this one because i modestly non-expert but i do the best with what i know and how it can help you the lisa here. In the rate community the hormones will begin to balance out as a result of frequent exercise.

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