Barack Obama Is Now the Target of a Woke Mob

The Rubin Report


Activists in chicago are protesting the renaming of chicago school. Because barack obama is a quote oppressor yeah. That's right This is from fox. News will caulkins. I think. I got the pronunciation right there. Board of education met tuesday evening debate renaming. Thomas jefferson middle school and daniel webster middle school after it was decided that historical figures either owned slaves or supported slavery one of the top contenders for thomas jefferson middle schools. New name is that of the first black president barack obama and former lady michelle but that name is drawing the ire of immigration activists and some in the latino community. Activists staged a protest outside the board meeting tuesday. We've got a quote here from edgar castellanos who's a school board member of district sixty. He said. i will not be part of renaming school after someone who did not and does not represent the undocumented community fox news went on to say the obama administration deported one point one eight one point eight million people in three years and under trump about eight hundred thousand were deported in the first three years. So barack obama did deport more illegal. People bend scary orange man. This

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