State of New York Launches 'Excelsior Pass' That Shows Vaccine Status

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It's the first state to launch a sort of covid nineteen vaccine passport as in a digital pass that can be used as proof. You've been vaccinated against covid. Nineteen or gotten a recent negative test is not actually called passport. Though the state of new york launched what it calls the excelsior pass and starting this week. Madison square garden in new york city plans to use it with other smaller event. Venues and businesses expected to start using this tech soon. New york has partnered with ibm for this. And the governor's office describes it like an airline boarding pass so people can either store it and show their pass on their smartphone or print out the pass then venues or businesses can scan the qr code to see green check or red x. It's all paid for by the state and it's free for individuals and businesses there to use supporters. Say this is just another tool to help safely. Get the economy going again. And to save local businesses. State officials are also stressing. It's all voluntary private and secure for everyone involved. The tech is go on blockchain technology. Either ibm nor any of the businesses will be able to see any additional medical info. Still critics argue. People should not have to share any type of health data just to go to certain events businesses either way expect to hear more about these types of passes or certifications in the months ahead and not just from states some cruise lines sports teams and other companies have said they may also require proof of vaccination before their doors once again.

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