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Hey everyone lease hugh continuing our ted audio collective friday series. We've got something a little different today. An episode from our podcast. The business podcast about being human and this season comes with a twist. It's interactive something. Zigzag has never done before. Listen on to see how you can take part in the zigzag project and find the show wherever you're listening to this. There's another podcast. You might enjoy called the uncertain our. It's harder to get a good job. These days with health insurance sick days vacation minimum wage all of that this season of the uncertain our podcast digs into decades of history and policy to tell the fascinating and sometimes infuriating story of what happened to the american job. And how more of us got outsourced. Subcontracted freelanced gigged and self employed. Listen to the uncertain. Our wherever you get your podcasts. Everyone it's manouche. And i wanna thank our partner jobs. Ohio for their support on this season of and we are resetting our careers and businesses sparking ideas for a new strategy and then creating a roadmap misses a subject near and dear to our partner. Jobs ohio they are focused on creating more jobs in communities the state by helping businesses sustain and grow and by attracting new companies to the state. Jobs ohio has been working especially hard during these tough times to keep developing an economy were companies can thrive and individuals can have a better standard of living pleased. Learn more about the work that jobs. Ohio is doing by visiting ohio is for leaders dot com. That's h. i. o. s.

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