The Songs Of Ghanaian Women Accused Of Witchcraft


Hidden. Many are elderly in their seventies there in these camps because they're accused of being witches, But their voices can now be heard on a new album called I Forgot. Now, who I used to Be sad about that. I love Dublin Bay when my whole but one of the women have never played music or written songs before they were recorded by award winning record producer Ian Brennan and his wife, Maria Elena, Omaha's a deli. But Elena herself has a personal connection to witch hunting, which will get into in a moment. But first Marlena joins us from her home in Italy. Welcome. Oh, thank you so much. Thank you for having me. Marlena. How did these women and they are primarily women Get to these camps? Well, these women are a poor there as early they have been kicked out off their land by younger relatives who are very attracted to buy their land. And that land is all. They own a S. O. This women are very vulnerable. You know, they suffer from physical mental in the Caesar, such as Alzheimer's agility. Misshapen limbs, blindness and they are completely exploited that they're stripped off their dignity, their turned into a monster there literally stripped off their own land. So these women are accused of being which is what is being a witch mean in West Africa. Being a witch is a being a person that can cause harm to your cropper that can cause a stability, which is our accused off doing harm to families. And you know, Westerners often

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