A highlight from Chase Chewning: How To Recover From Injury & Fight Back From Rock Bottom


Here's a five star review for the fat burning man show that recently came in from apple. Pt twenty nine says excellent. I'm pretty sure this is the best overall podcast for fat loss. Excellent info grounded in actual science. Hey thank you so much for leaving this review. Although we don't always talk about the science explicitly on this show you can always check out the blog. The show notes as well as my books the wild diet and much more for more of the getting the dirt underneath your fingernails but yes. There is so much of you know very much. Commonsense lifestyle practices to be perfectly honest. That are totally supported by science. But it's more important to make sure that you do the right thing and maintain right action in the face of adversity. So we're going to be digging in on this week. Show but if you'd like to get in touch every little review and comment and like and subscribe all those buttons that you click around our shows on the various platforms. It does help us out. So i appreciate every comment and review and i read every one that i possibly can. So don't forget to tell your friends about this show the way that we've grown over the decade of doing this now is almost always through word of mouth so if you can think of someone who would appreciate this free show we have almost four hundred episodes for free now make sure share fat burning men with them are really appreciate it and then if you'd like to join in. Our latest challenges is getting the giveaways and a lot of the interactive with our new communities on the different platforms.

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