Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar


Me to talk about barbara star. Is rachel sign a staff writer for the new yorker. Hey rachel her so thanks for joining me for this one. I really was excited to talk about this one with you because you wrote something about it a little view in appreciation of it for the new yorker that i really love and i felt really tapped into some of the things that are special about this movie. I'm going to read a tiny bit of it back to you. Maybe that can inspire conversation so this comes early in what you're writing about it when you talk about the transition from what i would think of as the setup the first twenty minutes or so where we beat barbara starr in their hometown of soft rot nebraska and how it then it then transitions to town of title of vista del. Mar in florida. And so you're right. There solid jokes from the get-go but it's not clear right away. What the movie is up to our. Wigan molo denizens of los angeles where they first met as part of the l. Sketch comedy troupe. The groundlings taking the piss out of flyover over forties then skipping ahead of bit is talking about the the that transition you say but as barbara starr unfolds. It's quirky heroines fuel. Less and less like stand ins for certain kind of tj maxx shopper. Instead the film goes for something far more specific and silly loving often lovely. Where so many comedies are either retreads old ideas or feel designed by committee to hit newsy talking points. Barbara starr is the rare film. That feels sue generous in both conceit an execution barbara starr or such finely drawn characters that they could be nobody else but themselves so that really spoke to me and exactly what i love about this movie and this was going to frame it to you. Is that this movie gets compared a lot to bridesmaids which of course was written by the the co writers and co stars of this movie and malone christian wig and another movie that sprung to mind was spy which is this wild sort of a spoof of james bond films. That's also a female friendship bonding movie with incredible performances by melissa mccarthy and rose byrne i love both bridesmaids an spy but i found this movie far more original than either one and in a way more exciting i mean i can see why bridesmaids changed comedy history. It's an important movie. it's still a very funny movie. But this sui generis quality that you point to i think is is so much more vibrant in this movie which really could only have come out of the imaginations of these two women who are friends in real

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