A highlight from BOX316: Yelling At Florence Nightingale In Istanbul


It's gonna be okay. I got a story for you please. I'd like to tell you about dr james berry a real pioneer in the field of medicine and surgery. Dr berry was well regarded in both of those vocations in the early to mid eighteen hundreds berry began his career by going to edinburgh medical school in eighteen. O nine i love edinburgh is a very prestigious medical school cher even back in those days the day the days of your very was concerned that He wouldn't be able to get in because technically he was a little bit too young. Okay so what he did was lie about his age. Of course sure because we're short. He he put three inch lifts in his shoes and People still suspected that he was a child and too young to be a medical school but berry was an excellent student. Is he the inspiration for doogie howser. It could well be. I don't know at first berry wasn't allowed to sit for exams. Because they suspected that berry was too young this is when lord erskine intervened. Laura's can said give the laddish shot there's much promise and talent here right. I mean if he's young and knows the material like was your problem dude edinburgh so james berry took. The exams passed and got a degree in medicine. Axel at this point berry enlisted in the army. He began serving in the military in eighteen thirteen on july. The sixth initially he was made a hospital assistant for the british army but soon was promoted to an assistant staff surgeon. And that's the equivalent of a of a rank of lieutenant. So it's pretty pretty good deal wound. He served in capetown south africa. He ended up spending ten years there during that time he became good friends with the governor. Lord charles somerset all the while building. His reputation is stellar doctor in an exceptionally talented surgeon. Now his relationship with the governor seemed un note worthy at first but over time rumors began circulating about the nature of their relationship. There are reports of graffiti being scrawled on the walls by anonymous. Accusers suggesting that the governor was quote. Buggering dr berry. Well i mean. We can't rely on graffiti. No no but this was the scuttle but at the time so word gut to the officials and commissions were. Set up with the intent of investigating. Eventually they were both exonerated. I don't know if exonerated is the right word. But that's the word that they used. In the source material in both parties were exonerated now was a very skilled surgeon and his medical skills. In general were unprecedented. He was actually the very first person to successfully perform a cesarean section in which both the mother and the child survived. I guess they had done it before. But you know hey well one of them's gotta go right. That makes me think of that song. Don't take the girl. Remember that song who did on country music radio for lake sixteen years and you don't remember the girl by tim. Mcgraw a respect country music and it was provided me a good living. But you know as well as i do i turned the volume down but it all fairness i did that on the top forty stations to champ. Now dr berry also was very socially conscious he spoke out against the sanitary conditions of barracks in the mismanagement of prisons and asylums. He arranged for better ways to distribute clean water throughout capetown. He treated in his practice. Not only the rich but the poor not only the colonists but also the slaves. He did however have a very bad temper in although his reputation as a doctor a surgeon with stellar his reputation as a person. Not quite so much. He was once witnessed yelling at florence nightingale in istanbul. He was very upset that she wasn't protecting herself enough from the sun so so he yelled at florence night. Well i mean that was all in her best interest so he was known to scream at patients in the hospital weren't following his recommendations g. He was known to smash metals medicine bottles against the wall. He even challenged a captain to a duel for disagreeing with him. He sounds like the kind of guy that if he lived now would have his own reality show. Yeah they'd call him like angry or something. Like what's dr angry up tuna today dr bundled smasher. He swore heavily. He flirted with women constantly. I see no problem with any of those things. One man challenged him to a duel for quote paying improper attention to his wife berry responded by striking the man in the face with a horse whip sterile so berry was a stellar dr a groundbreaking surgeon but he wasn't very well liked by people because of his temper and his flirting wearing so he kind of kept to himself. He didn't have a lotta friends. Dr james berry died from dysentery on july twenty fifth eighteen sixty five. At his deathbed several acquaintances had gathered around word was that he was going to share a secret when he died but he never did berries. Last wishes were to be buried in his clothes when he died without his body. Being washed wishes that were not followed when the nurse undressed the body to prepare it for burial. She discovered female anatomy and telltale stretch marks from pregnancy. Oh my goodness for a half century. Dr james berry was biologically female so why masquerade is a man. Well i mean it was the early to mid eighteen hundreds. You wanna do stuff say things outside. It's true many people see berry as a trans pioneer others claim. That berry like you said was forced to adopt a male persona because women weren't allowed to go to medical school. Dr james berry was actually born. Margaret and bulky. Whoa about seventeen. Eighty nine in cork county ireland excellent. This was of course a time when women were not allowed to not only become doctors but really get an education at all. Margaret grew frustrated by the limits placed on her because she was a woman and at eighteen years. Old margaret reportedly elder brother quote. Where i not a girl. I would be a soldier. As a teenager. margaret was raped by a relative. She gave birth to a baby who she named juliana. The baby was raised by her mother in her late teens. Margaret and her mother moved to london to stay with her uncle. Whose name was james berry. He was a member of the royal academy berry introduced. His niece margaret too. Many aristocrats and powerful people around london very believed margaret's intellect would carry her far so her uncle. The real james berry passed away in eighteen. O six and margaret took on his name to enroll in medical school alao So after margaret slash james berry passed away it was revealed. That margaret was biologically female. The secret is made public with an exchange of letters between the general register office and berries. Dr major dr mckinnon. These letters were leaked in the letters. Major mckinnon who signed the death certificate said it was quote none of my business whether dr james berry was male or female which probably was a statement that berry would have agreed with buried in cancel green cemetery in north west london doctor james berry way ahead of his time

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