William Jackson rips the Bengals and fans after signing with Washington

Mo Egger


William jackson the third Leaves the bengals. After five years he gets a three year forty million dollar contracts from the washington football team and good for man. Fine whatever william was good player. Here that is tantalizingly. Good two thousand seventeen eighteen and nineteen. We're kind of last year. He was good. I don't know that i'm paying him. Forty million bucks. He's mad about something so here he is. Here's william jackson the third. Wj three on one zero six seven. The fan in washington talking about bengals the bengals and bengals fans. I'm not asking you to talk about the bengals or anything but do you feel like the rest of the. Nfl doesn't know how good you are right. Now nobody no good. I you know in Over time they kind of get to you. You know you putting in and you guys these crazy denying saying number one number two corner on the market and i'm like i'm over here but then today man i was on the team. There's not a big market A lot of people around the world or no. What i can do it without have did so. You're looking at it from scratch their point. That doesn't tell you who the player really are. You know like. I was in the guy that was picked on throwing it the whole time. So if you wanna watch the bingo which we would hardly own prime time. Tv wouldn't never know. Lee jackson is surprised by the outpouring on social media. Twitter instagram. whatever it is. Yeah man they they definitely sa- put him in it. You know. cincinnati they got some crew fans man. You know misery loves company going to everybody doing man. I just was happy to embrace their fan base that they came along the cancer the page and man they. They've been put support if they win. You know depending on the other hand shoot them. Do they not winning. Other thing is a blessing to get away in wisdom. The best with washington. Lucy goes from here

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