A highlight from [Unedited] Serene Jones with Krista Tippett


This week's conversations for broadcast at a later date. We know that you will sometimes take leave for various reasons other programming and other needs. We ask that you do so as quietly as possible so that our broadcast is flawless. As it's aired later before our lecture we do have a few announcements. If you have seen the morning programs this week you know that. Our format is slightly different. Our usual audience period will begin around eleven. Thirty five and run for ten to fifteen minutes. We will then toss it back to our guest for the closing ten minutes of their conversation as usual you may submit questions through our ushers who will circulate shortly before the qna and who can provide slips of paper and pencils or you may also submit questions via twitter using the hashtag c. h. q. Two thousand nineteen you how you have a brief opportunity to meet this morning's interviewee serene jones immediately. Following the lecture on the back porch of the amphitheater. Please note that out of the respect for her schedule. We will limit the number of people who we can admit to the porch. Dr jones will also host a book signing at one fifteen today at the authors alcove adjacent to the chautauqua bookstore where you can also purchase her book if you have not done so already at three thirty today. At the hall of philosophy playwright writer and professor. Sara rule will present letters from max a book of friendship the book. She co authored with her late. Student max brito letters from max is this week selection of the chautauqua literary and scientific circle. Miserable we'll sign. Copies of her works on the porch of the literary arts center at hall immediately following her presentation. Finally out of respect for this morning speakers and audience members around you. And so that you don't make an unwelcome guest appearance on an upcoming national

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