The Experience - Stagnation Trade Off



Most businesses like to have an experienced team and as a customer. He generally likes to know that. There's an experienced team on the other side of the transaction or the purchase that you're making but there is a tradeoff between experience and stagnation because it's often harder for an experienced team to keep coming up with new ideas to keep challenging the status quo. They are the status quo. So it's harder for them to challenge it. It's not impossible. Mind you it certainly can be done but it takes a special individual to say. Well this is my body work. This is what i've created and now it's not good enough. We need to do something different. We need to evolve. We need to keep moving and learning again not impossible but generally. It's hard for us to do that. So it's important to generally have a mix of old versus young experience versus novice to have that fresh set of eyes coming into your organization to challenge the status quo to help you see things that maybe the existing team the experienced team see and to stop your company suffering from stagnation now. What's the ideal formula for old versus new experience versus novus. There is no formula. It really depends on the individuals involved. Depends on your company. depends your company dynamics. So there's no magic formula. I can't tell you that you need ten percent. New is to keep your company from stag ninety. It doesn't work that way. Obviously but it is important that you understand that if you have a super experienced team with no fresh is coming in. There's every chance that you might be stagnating even though you might not see it yourself and so if that is the case if you do have a super experienced team and no fresh is coming in. Maybe you do need to have one of those difficult conversations. Maybe it's time to move on from your organization to keep fresh is coming in. That's never an easy conversation to have. But you gotta think about the overall success and longevity of your business and think about where you are on the the experience versus stagnation curve and if you're getting close to the stagnation than maybe you want to think about. Getting rid of some of the experience nicely and then moving in some new fresh is just

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