Biden Calls for $50 Billion to Boost U.S. Chip Industry


Speaking in pittsburgh yesterday afternoon president biden lifted the curtain on his two point three trillion dollar infrastructure plan and tech plays a key role the proposal allocates fifty billion dollars for the american semiconductor industry which has been grappling with chip shortage that sports automakers to cut production it also includes money for expanding broadband access incentivizing electric vehicle production in investing in research and development. Here's biden citing the historical precedent for spending on our indie when nasa created apollo's digital flight control system unheard of at the time led the technologies that help us today to drive our cars and fly our planes when nasa invent ways to keep food safe for the astronauts and led the programs that have been used for decades to keep food safe and supermarkets at least two thousand products and services have been developed and commercialized. As a result of american space exploration. The outline now goes to capitol hill where lawmakers will hammer out the specifics.

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