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That's really good because my previous solution to this. I had an nvidia. Gpa was i would ssh into my steam box from another computer right and ran the nvidia to which output this to the to the commodity. Yeah does it work with any. Gp yes so might. The one in my ppa does so the one that the team of publishing doesn't have the invidia gpo enablement. I've enabled that in the the version of publishing might. Ppi on when it starts. you can just use shift. F twelve to tiny on and off so my have always start. And then i can turn it off when i don't want it to be. There doesn't lag the game or impact the game performance in any way notably. Not the i can measure now. And then when i i put some tweets out about this and then a bunch of people said oh what you need now is this thing could go away and overlay is a thing. That configures mango hot. Say what attribute she won't displayed and what color away you want them. So i've also prepared and packaged gopalan. Land is in the same. Ppa so you've got the the ui to configure a manage. This thing mullings the show notes in the show notes to where you can get all of that stuff nice. Now it's time for all your wonderful feedback. And i up eric. Nancy mouth us. I wanted to give you my perspective on. Hp's new laptop and workstation offerings geared towards day to science as a professional statistician and data scientists. I am certainly excited to see. Oem's begin targeting. This rapidly growing field. My only critique is how they have only included python as the language of choice. Where's the love for the our language. I have nothing against python atoll. But we're seeing more and more data. Scientists utilizing both are and python in different aspects of their workload and it would be nice to see how start recognizing the importance of having both readily available. The cutting edge algorithms in statistics are almost guaranteed to have a dedicated. Our package a now. It is much easier for art integrate with python to tap into tens of flow or other libraries. Perhaps i just

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