A highlight from Episode #528 - Douche Talk - Dante Nero & Josh Adam Meyers


On stewed saudi. What's up. it's the largest gangs podcast. We are live guests digital studios in east village new york. I'm your host big gio kherson here. Yeah yeah we have. David smith what the fuck is up. Jay puts up with the fuck up. Dave liked that. I liked it aggressive. Challenging the else. Mania champion the puerto rican rattlesnake louis j gomez was something about the fuckers. The lewis's here back the fuck up. You better back the fuck up new mortar. Love's still love him. I may do do end the stone the stone stone. Love the bay. Jay was loan to wear a ring. Brac black gems it. I don't think they call rap groups bands ever do they plans Hunts rap group hilarious friends. Who you know from this show. Of course it's the great dante going on josh by a huge sticky fingered. Yeah he's great an average size sticky fingers fan l. sticky fingers stabbed co really. Yes we all became bigger fantastic you. I was interesting vince. No he did a whole turn. Though he went from being the guy he was always the last verse of the song. He was the scariest areas fucking. Dude he was the guy loved him for that voice who would stab comedian in the neck. Yes he has since now you could see him with his legs folded at the knees on late night with fallon or something like that just when he was on blade and stuff around late night show just being completely different methods to method man aware suit and go on a late night show growing up. It's weird. They changed praises. Better not seventeen anymore. No saying it's fucking weird to see that change in them is that you won't

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