Candidates Find It's Not Easy Getting New Yorkers To Sign Their Ballot Petitions During A Pandemic


Anywhere in the city in the past week or so, you've probably noticed clipboard toting volunteers asking you to sign your name. That's because it's petition season. Each person running for office in New York City needs to collect hundreds of signatures to make it on the ballot. And there are more than 500 people running. W one my CI's Glen Hogan reports. I could you help get a candidate on the ballot for Manhattan Borough President Volunteer Rachel Pratt is collecting signatures in Madison Square Park. Do you think it helps get a candidate on the ballot for Manhattan Borough President Tire? You have registered Democrat in Manhattan? Okay, she's trying to get Kim Watkins on the ballot for Manhattan borough president. And it's tough going in about a half an hour. She's only gotten one person to sign. Well, I think I have to finesse my ass because I've got a up my game that passes another person, also collecting signatures and gets her second of the morning. That girl said. All right, I know what it's like. And you can use your own town values a sympathy signature. Not just anyone. Consign. You got to be a registered voter in the same party as the candidate running. And your address has to be in the district where the races but don't sign for two candidates in the same race. One of those signatures will probably get thrown out cold that has made this election season particularly challenging. I know it's a pandemic, and people have reservations about getting too close and having conversations more than 100 candidates tried to suspend petitioning The judge ruled against them. Last month, state lawmakers did lower the number of signatures required, but they also shortened the time people have to collect those signatures. Lincoln wrestler who's running for City Council, says he tested positive for Cove it right after collecting signatures, and Loree Sutton cited covert concerns about petitioning as one of the reasons she suspended her campaign for mayor. It's like ridiculous that I think may expect people to stop and sign things because, like I probably stop for myself honestly, if I was walking the streets, this is David Estrada also stocking Madison Square Park for some things. I miss. You mentioned Democrat Manhattan. Any chance he's collecting signatures for tally for Haiti, and Weinstein, a candidate for Manhattan. D Yet my gun for hire Yeah. So I just whoever pays me the highest collect signatures for basically honestly and it's all analog. No online petitions here just the serendipity of safely crossing paths with the right person with a clipboard. Thank you so much. Thanks for signing When Hogan W N Y c news form or on the elections

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