The Gaming World Is Celebrating Women This Women's Month


There's a lot going on this week in. The world of not only gaming but in life is actually international. Women's month The other day we had international women's day so just a celebration of women and all fields different industry. Obviously this gaming. So i i thought it was pretty cool. Xbox actually they're doing some different events and stuff like that to celebrate women in gaming content creation things of that nature Just kind of going from this article here from leeann rupert. That minecraft is doing some stuff. They've got a gears. The five women's history month tournament that has taken place. Minecraft addition is going to be doing a couple of lessons. One is on women's equality the others on a women's rights to vote. So i love the fact that there's you know within the gaming world There were were getting people. People are recognizing recognizing that and in holding events to be able to celebrate it as well. what were your thoughts lucas. Yeah clearly women have had challenges especially in the gaming industry on a lot of different levels whether you're streaming or trying to get into game development and on that side of things so it really is important to mark their contributions and you know as an industry we need to do better being in a welcoming to everyone and women are obviously a giant part of the gaming industry both as players end for those who want to get on the creative side of things. And you know ryan we've seen we've been lucky enough to talk to a lot of amazing women on our show so far and so we just see it. Right everyone from sandra shera me to jennifer and jen and everybody in between to the amazing work that the thousand dreams fund is doing to kinda trying to open those doors. So it's it's important and we see everybody we see all of you and we can't wait to see everybody grow and progress and see what they have in store for this industry. Yeah i love it too. Like specifically on what microsoft is doing. I know that they're also going to be Helping to boost amplify to beneficial programs one is being girls who code and the other one being girls. Black girls rock Along with you know going in with the content creator creators boosting them up on their on their platforms. And things like this. So i i love any time again you know. I feel like a lot of moves that xbox has been making have really been resonating with the community. We know that women again. I think it was recently It's official like i think there's more Women gamers than there are male gamers. So you know what i mean like. Yo- it they're they're they're here they've been here. I love the fact that they're not only getting their voices on the content creation side. They're on the development side on the business side of things Again i love the fact that there's you know we're getting more than i mean. Look at some of our games. We're getting a lot more women Protect protagonist there not just damsels in distress. And you know what. I mean like stuff like that. That's not you know people can relate to is something that you know again my daughter. You know she'll play these games. And i know it means something to her To be able to see somebody looks like her. And and you know this and that be represented be represented in games that i feel like the gaming industry as a whole is doing that more. It's opening up and and you know showing a lot of other size and other people's stories not only in the game's development in the The writing of the games on all aspects so i. I love the fact that that they're celebrating. Here's the women. Nobody would be here without

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