How Authentic Confidence Can Boost Your Poker Game


The first thing that i would say to people. Is you need to invest in cultivating your authentic confidence and not just trying to manufacture confidence. And i'll explain what i mean by that to me. Manufactured confidence is when you're looking in the mirror and you're doing that like on the greatest on the best. Okay one time and this has been years ago. I went to one of those. I can't remember. I can't remember if it was a t boot camp or w. s. o. P. boot camp but it was one of them and this has been at least ten years ago probably more but at the time they had this guy. I don't even know if i should say his name is so horrible. Nobody should ever looks at sky up but he was the mindset coat he is not around. So i don't even i don't know what rockies under but he. He went away okay but his his lecture was. Oh stand up and just scream out like on the grits fokker player in the world and the greatest poker player in the world right now. I'm pretty sure. I've told this story before because just set irradiating but to me. That's manufacturer confidence right. It's not real. I'm just like i could scream out anything right. I'm beyond say okay You know. I i can screw it out is not real right okay. So how do we get this. Authentic confidence which i think is what year student and everybody. Who's listening really needs to think about. So i think we're gonna do just a little Language lesson really fast. So confidence if we look at the root of that is cone fiduciary which means with trust or within intense trust. Okay well let's think about that for a minute if we want confidence. What do we want to have intense. Trust in okay. Well our fells. Yes but more importantly we want to have intense trust with our process at war systems. If you wanna think of it that way and i know you you talked about that a little bit in your answer to him you didn't. You didn't exactly say it this way but a news what you meant And you were telling him to continue to work on his game to make sure that the downswing wasn't effecting his decisions right so basically what you are saying. Is you need to work on your game to the stent that you have this confidence that you know what to do bore. I'd say if you're newer to the game. You're going to be like i. But i don't know what to do. That's true but you can say. I have confidence in myself that i'm going to make notes on this and then i'm gonna go find out what i needed to do whether i get a coach or ask question the facebook group or you know i look up. Articles or podcast. Whatever the case may be okay. So that's what i'm talking about.

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