Facebook moves to dismiss federal, state antitrust suits


Meantime, Facebook has filed a formal motion to a federal judge to dismiss in antitrust lawsuit. By the FTC, the social network, saying the government is attempting a do over trying to unwind acquisition that got approval years ago. Joining us now for more. Bloomberg's David McLaughlin, who's following the case, David what's Facebook's argument here? Could they actually get this suit thrown out? Well, certainly that's what they're trying to do. So they're trying to knock out of court this very early stage. The case was filed in December. Uhm this is their first formal response to the government. Lawsuit. They make a lot of arguments. But one of the key things that they say is that They said the government's trying to do it do over. They reviewed both of these deals. The Instagram What's up deals? They investigated them years ago, and now they're trying to come back and, um, unwind them. Facebook lists a bunch of services that they compete with Tic Tac Twitter snap linked in saying that the government is ignoring the realities of the competition. That they face what happens next. Now that Facebook has made this move. Right. So the FTC the state to that, dude, what will respond to this and then ultimately will be. We'll go to the judge. There could be, um An argument before the judge. Um and It's certainly possible that it gets dismissed. I think that's probably unlikely, but we'll see. Um and on the on the competitors. I think one of the other key issue here will be well. What is this market? Who are Facebook's real competitors? Is there really a social media market that Just Facebook or their many other players. That's going to be a key issue and in the case Doesn't Facebook have other suits to worry about? Well, the main one really night. Now is this ftp case and the state cases? They're both, um, sort of running in parallel. Um, I think the fact that there are two cases gives the government in other states and the federal government to attempts at undoing these

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