MLB Spring training: Which Players Have A Shot At Making the Giants' Team?


One guy that stands out to me and we'll get to Luciano. We've talked so much about him and how exciting and tantalizing he is. But we're talking bullpen, arms and guys who have a legitimate shot to make this team and one of the parting gifts from Bobby Evans. It seems like one of these guys. Camilo dove all he's been in the system time now did we saw him against the Dodgers the other night? He is exciting, and I think is you put out carry the best hair in the Giants bullpen right now. Oh, yeah, he he does have the best care because last year they had a guy Rodolfo Martinez, who was a Johnny Cueto look like just with better dreadlocks than Johnny Cueto. If you can imagine that this year, they've got Camilo Jovel who does not have better dreadlocks. But he has died his dreadlocks, so they're like orangish Red, And I'm hoping that by the regular season he'll have in his Giants Orange, because could you imagine that coming out of the bullpen? Got weapon 97 98 with a cutter and the breaking off a nasty slider. And then all of a sudden he's got the closer like hair, Camilo Devil and you make a great point. He is a parting gift from Bobby Evans. And this is something that we should talk about. I should write about eventually is all the parting gifts from Bobby Evans because you're starting to see the fruit of the Giants International. Sign me focus coming through the system. Marco Luciano, a Bobby Evans guy, Alexander Canario, Bobby Evans Guy. Curving Castro, a Bobby Evans guy. And so the Giants are starting to see this focus that we saw in the like post 2014 2015 World Series era where they went down to the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and other Latin American countries and sign some dudes and you're seeing that those dudes who they got when they were 16 17 years old are coming through this farm system and are going to be ready to contribute and so The village of all immediately popped out the other night against the Dodgers Cubs, But there's several other players, several other young players. Several other young pitchers who have really stood out so far. Well in another one is from the left side. Jake long this kid is from Sacramento. I think you would the Sac state or he's like up from the Northern California area. So he said. It was so funny. The quote I saw from him the other day was Buster Posey called him over to throw a bullpen and he called him by his name, and he was all stoked that Buster newest name because he's of that age group beauties like you and I. If Buster called us over, he'd be like, dude, that's Buster Posey calling my name so Him from the left side. You know, I hate to do the com thing, but I'm getting I'm getting Billy Wagner Vibes. Dude, What do you think? Billy Wagner vibes? That's that's fascinating. And so the reason I say that is because the jobs are actually building this guy up is a starter there. They're thinking of him a 97 from the left side, a guy with a hammer curveball and a good change up there looking at him as someone who could actually be in the rotation. And so when can't first started? Gabe Kapler traffic trump Buster Posey. They all said. Hey, pay some attention to this Sam Long guy. He's got something to him. And we're thinking, okay, This is just, you know, a guy who threw two good bullpens. You never know that happens every spring. He's probably a double A or maybe a triple a arm who could help them out of the bullpen Eventually. Then all of a sudden, he appears in the Cactus League opener against the Angels, and he has got major league stuff. No question in my mind after seeing him. Three pitches in I turn to Mark Sanchez in the press box. I go. I have seen enough. This guy can help the Giants right now, and I think that in keeping him as a starter and sending him down to triple A or double a to open up the season, you're potentially talking about someone copes who could somehow morphed his way into the Giants top pitching prospect and maybe beat Sean Jelly or Tristen back or some things other guys. The chance to excited about to the major league level. And so it's really fasting to see Sam Long come out of the bullpen because you're juxtaposing that with guys like Camilo, Javelin Caribbean Castro, who is another guy, Bobby Evan, signed who just has that hammer curve coming out of the bullpen 97. Very little mite early experience. But there are the pieces in place and you can correct me if I'm wrong. If you've seen anything differently, the first three or four days of spring training their pieces in place for the Giants to have one of the most exciting bullpens and Major league baseball and potentially one of the best is far as electricity goes like with stuff

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