Tropical Forest Destruction Accelerated in 2020


Fires and logging in the world's tropical forests increased last year. That's despite pledges by many countries and food companies to nd four station by the year 2020. Or from NPR's Dan Charles. The environmental group World Resources Institute been using satellites to track what it calls primary tropical forests. These are the areas with the most valuable wildlife habitat and stored carbon, the group says. An area of these forests the size of the Netherlands, disappeared last year. That's up 12% from the previous year. It was especially bad in parts of Latin America, including Brazil. There was good news, though from Indonesia, where deforestation is down. The group says it's especially concerned about the dramatic spike in wildfires in a vast area of wetland called the Pantanal in Brazil and Bolivia. It could be a signal that climate change and shrinking forests nearby might be drying out the wetland and making fires more likely. And Charles NPR News

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