A highlight from Ep 163: But You're Still So Young with Kayleen Schaefer



Well hello and welcome to forever. Thirty-five a podcast about the things we do to take care of ourselves. I'm kate spencer. And i'm tori shift freer and we are not experts. No we're not but here to friends who like to talk a lot about serums and welcome to the show and this is the part of the show where i'm going to quickly tell you all the business and the business kate i'm gonna give you the biz and then we'll get on with the actual show okay number one. You can visit our website. Which is for thirty podcasts. Dot com where you'll find links everything we mentioned on the show. You can follow us on twitter at over thirty five pot and you can follow us an instagram where the action is at ferber. Thirty-five podcast. There's also more action in the forever thirty five facebook group where the password is serums. There's a lot of action there hot. It's action packed. If you wanna reach us we have a voicemail and text number. It is seventy one five nine one zero three zero. You can also email us at thirty five podcast at gmail.com where you can also send us a voice memo and look if you like this show if we keep you company throughout the week or even if you're just an occasional dropping listener we really appreciate review on apple podcast. So thank you in advance for doing that. Sincerely keeton dory exo x so heart. We love you okay. we're here. Let's do kate. We both have. We both have taken up new hobbies this week but are they own hobbies. That are new again yes right. They are mutual hobbies. Were like really rediscovering ourselves. Yes i had thought about this last night. Which is that way. Maybe this is middle age. Oh in it. This is a hundred percent middle age. Which just like like dabbling in things and like trying things except no like you said. It's stuff that we've that we've done before. So i actually view it as like going back to our true authentic selves. Oh interesting now. That's interesting so so the hobby that you are focusing right on right now piano playing. Do you believe that to be your authentic or do you believe it to be like your your childhood. Self i think i do. Think that our childhood cells are often with our authentic selves before they get corrupted by peer pressure. And you know all that stuff all the slow that comes around like middle school sure. So here's a question for you. When i was in second grade. I asked my parents if i could take bag piping lessons and they couldn't find a bag piping teacher so i took a took recorder a private and private lessons and recorder and then i took clarinet but i hated it. Do you think i should revisit my dream of being a bagpiper dream. I don't i don't okay still think about playing the bagpipes i think. I don't think you should revisit that. But i am riding horses and that childhood passion. See you're right exactly exactly right. I don't know it's really interesting to me. And so you know i'd gotten this piano a couple of years ago matt. Got it for me for my birthday. And i played it. It's an electric piano. It's a roland pia. No the reason. I got the one that i got is because it's not like a regular keyboard keys. Feel like plastic key and and kind of light like the whole point of this. Piano keyboard is the the keys feel like real piano keys in for the most part they kind of do And i played it for bit. And then i just kind of stopped in cry and then recently in a facebook group that you and i are both and actually. I'm a mom group that you and i are in. Someone had posted about piano lessons or they wanted to take piano lessons. And i was like this is something i've been thinking about for a long time. I should just take some piano lessons. And it's actually especially easy right now because you can take piano lessons of presume so i reached out to one of the teachers that was recommended in the thread. And we're going to have our first lesson on wednesday actually the night that this podcast airs. I ate this airs door. Leslie ivories yes exactly. I'm looking forward to it that's cool.

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