A highlight from Dr. Marv Dunphy on Authenticity, Relationships, and Mastery


Finding mastery might. I thought it's easier to see than it is to develop it one of the things we've talked about a little bit is How much do people change and It's not much so then we go back to you. Know how they the the world. I'm not a development Person like growth and development that. It's i think it's easier to see these proactive athletes. And they're really rare. There's like one in ten thousand. It's easier to see them and find out that it is to develop Okay welcome back. Welcome to the finding mastery podcast. I'm michael survey in by trade and training. I a sport and performance psychologist in on a weekly basis. I get to sit down with extraordinary people to understand their psychology to understand how they organized their inner life to better understand how they use their mind to excel in life and also double click underneath to figure out like how do they train their mind to become the very best. And if you wanna learn more about training your mind this is a quick little reminder that i'd like you to check out the online course that i built with pete carroll the head coach of the seattle seahawks and you can do that at finding mastery dot net slash course now. This week's conversation is with. Dr marv dunphy widely recognized as one of the premier coaches in the history of the sport of volleyball. He's a legend. You might not have heard his name or if you're not involved in volleyball but if you're in the volleyball world which is one of the top three to seven sports depending on which lists you look at across the planet. So volleyball is one of the most widely played sports and he's one of the legends in there and so just a little bit of background. He directed pepperdine two four. Nc double a. men's volleyball titles included his thirty fourth and final season as the pepperdine head coach in two thousand seventeen. He remains involved in the program right now. And he's the head coach mattress and so was that mean. It means that he is a guide. He's a sage. He is somebody that you want around because the knowledge that he has come to understand in the wisdom that he is harvested is incredible and marv has also had a successful and long coaching tenure. With the us national team so the way that us national team works is the best and the brightest in. The united states of america are competing for x. Number of spots to one day make a world championship team or an olympic team. And i was fortunate to work with him heading into the rio games. And he's got this ability just to be present and make people better. it's extraordinary. He makes people better because of what he sees in them. And when people look marv they're reminded of two things. One excellence is the standard and two. I have it within me. And i just got keep chip in and try and figure it out trusting myself. Keep going figuring out chip in and try and you know and he's just got this beautiful ability to remind people that the process is amazing and so excellences the standard in the process in the insights. That one already holds is the path and he and i got to roommate with each other down in rio for the games was just like was like a kid in the candy store like it was unbelievable being able to sit with him on bus rides. And you know just spent so much deep time in conversation with him. It was just really. It was one of those lifetime kind of incredible. Thanks so. I'm so happy to introduce marv to this conversation. And we discuss what great leadership looks like. And what separates the outliers from the rest of the pack. Now before we get into the good ole wholesome insight wisdom of marv. I wanna do a quick check in and talk about moving well and so getting your into the right frame meaning exercising correctly both from cardiovascular and a muscle strength and endurance standpoint. It's really important. So here's a solution that i wanna share with you. It's called fit bod and they might be just a great solution for you. Fit bot understands at the path to achieving your best looks different for everyone in they make it easy to find the exercises the pace and intensity that you

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