Verse-Mapping the Bible with Kristy Cambron


Welcome to the living room kristy cameron. I'm so glad that you have joined us today. How thanks for having me. I've been excited to come and visit. Yeah yeah you know your your name came across my desk. And and i thought i know that name and then i realized oh. She's all over the place in my kindle. You are just prolific fiction author. And i love. I love your rioting but it was so exciting to see that you're not only a fiction girl. You have a deep deep love for the word. And i am so excited to talk to you. About burst mapping and the new bible study bible. That's come out from zondervan and we tell us. How did you even get started in. Bursts mapping how did a fiction author tie. She's she's not only does jesus girl but she's a word girl. I love that question. It has a very long answer. Does fortunate we are that we are on a podcast conversation and we can talk through some of that. I would say I'm asked often. I would say it has more to do with the space of ministry that god calls you to as a storyteller burst is being a fiction author or nonfiction author or any number of things that you can do that. The lord has called me to the space of ministry from where art and history and faith intersex so that can look like a lot of things right. It can look like historical fiction and it has. I'm working on my eighth ninth and tenth novel so he looks like that but also just this great love of stories and storytelling and that for me has bridged across to nonfiction. Into verse mapping and somewhat. I didn't college I went to art school. So i'm art girl Not really good into drawing painting not that kind of art art research and research writing. So that's my background. And it's just this love of like. I said art and history and faith coming together in the ward saying once you start telling the stories that i want you to tell and just stepping stepping out if you will into that.

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