Apple Announces its Next Event

Lew Later


We got some news here. We got an apple event. An actual date on it. And i think this time around. It was like a lot of rumors that there was going to be an event sooner than it didn't happen and i just stuff happening on social media. But you know everyone's trying to always predict when the next apple events going to be because it tends to mean new products to look at or at least they're going to announce and there's many different products that could fit into somebody's events. Many product categories where people are waiting for new things. Well as always new things. Well of course it seems kind of funny that whole process of waiting for the new thing when there's always new things it's like china line it exactly with the newness like i want it. When it's the newest hands kind of thing they glenmede by this is you have those buyer's guides for products and it's not about when you need the thing. It's about like don't upgrade. Now there's going to be a new one and fear that you're going to buy the thing and then two weeks later is going to be a new one or even a month like people want that whole year out of their thing. I mean i kind of get it understand it but anyway in this case apple's going to be putting out some stuff it's wwe's can be a virtual event so obviously once upon a time you will have people physically show up to developers conference and it's not just about product talk because obviously it's also about development They put a lot of attention on app developers. And things like this. That are on ios just like last year it'll be online. Only ww dc as an event is known where apple typically unveils iphone ipad. Apple watch apple tv. And max offer us a lot of. That's definitely not happening here.

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