WHO team urges patience after 1st look for origin of virus


How and when did the cove in 19 pandemic start this morning, The World Health Organization released its report on the origins of the pandemic. NPR obtained a copy of that report, which says the virus was likely circulating for months before a big outbreak in Wuhan, China, in late 2000 and 19, and that it did not begin in a seafood market there. The report goes on to call for further studies. Earlier this morning, I talked to Peter Dash Shack. He's an expert on how animal viruses can infect humans, and he was part of the team. That went to China to prepare this report. I asked him where the W H O thinks the virus originated. Well, what we're really saying is, we don't know exactly whether the one the one on seafood market in Wuhan was the source or not, it still could be. But it's also possible that other places within the region where the origin that the place where the virus first got into People. In fact, you know, with trace back from that market that the suppliers of food to the market, which includes wildlife from all across China, including places in rural China, where we know the nearest viruses in bats, for instance, exists and it may have started there. Okay, Let's talk about the there that you mean you're talking about farms in rural China. We are. We're using the term or have been using the term wildlife farms. Can you explain what these farms are? This is a network of wildlife farms that was really promoted of the last few decades in China as a way to alleviate policy. Very successful people would catch wild life. Things like Sivits, Sorry badges, Reckon dogs bamboo rats and breathe them in captivity and sell them to restaurants or wildlife markets for

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