Sonos Roam for Pre-Order


Hey terry here. With flash briefing for tuesday. And i want to tell you about another new product that has just come on the market. And if you're a sonos fan you might be interested to hear about this one. This is called the sonos rome and it is a portable smart speaker. quote is their. This is their marketing material. The portable smart speaker for all your listening adventures unquote and so it is a small. Little speaker. Works with wi fi or bluetooth. It has voice control so of course. That's why i'm talking about it here. It supports both both amazon. Lexi and google assistant. It has up to ten hours of playtime and it is waterproof as well. So if you're looking for a portable a high quality speaker with built in voice assistant you may be interested in this if you go to the sonos website sonos dot com and just search for rome. You will see that. It is available for preorder right now and the price is to twenty nine to twenty nine is the price so it's not cheap But sony is known for making good quality speakers and this one is great. If you're looking for portable one with long playtime waterproof Specifications and voice assistance built

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