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Welcome back to the casinos inga. Show would meet your host the thing and this is episode number four fall two for two if it's not for for to the night pledges but i'm pretty sure it's four four to how you doing how you feeling great amazing how am i doing the best i can with a time that is available actually in a far better mood and place not remember especially things slightly but surely opening up the sunshine to shine people signed to percolate outdoors and certain parts of our sector industry whatever it may be us slowly starting to open up so fingers crossed all should go to plan and we should be back way we need to be by the summer before we continue to show. I'm ticket to show you know to do smash but his was grabbing him. Build more than appreciate. If you listen to the podcasting apps a five star review will be good. Appreciate to to help with the algorithms and of course if you want to sign up to the patron to get two bonus shows on patriot own exquisite to my patriotism show you jump on board there. I would love to see you. B. m. how's it going. How is it going going pretty well. My index has mentioned stuff into pinup up things to get back to some semblance of normality which is great for all involved. I think everyone's kind of basically had enough and are ready and willing to go back outdoors. Some people are even dying and crying and eager to run back into the office which is a real sign of how bleak things go in lhasa weeks having to do with his bloody virus right people are desperate to get back in your face and you think back to figure out to august of last year you will have. There was not charge. You will go. People queuing up to back into a cover can space or an office building. People wanted happy to stay at home but as the sun starts to shine in south Room and people outdoors in. thing working from her when it's the wintertime offing twelve mm-hmm. When it's summer especially owed week people are probably gonna do. Well i think a lot of my friends are basically them which is split their time and kind of commit to doing maybe free days in office in two days at home or vice versa. But the idea of spending an entire week. Mumps a monthly year-on-year just indoors during especially you know with the way alzheimer's have been the last few years or been be great. This not really ideal. So i'm definitely sure especially now spending time indoors. You want to just see people wanna be around humans so that should be a little bit of a will turn on the books. Because i don't think more really anticipate prior law companies remember. There's no companies coming out saying. Oh hey man. We are pushing for working from home stuff right. We're doing this change with doing this or doing that. Everyone's trying to you know. Basically comfort and alleviates affairs from perspective employees and employers already working at the company and now we've suddenly shifted back to this idea. Did things will maybe. Just get back to normal a lot quicker than people would have really anticipated. We shouldn't be that much surprise. We humans humans are very adaptable but when things are present hit a kind of easy way out of things we all kinds of creatures of the path of least resistance right and if something is an easy option and it brings us so much joy in life than we're just gonna take the So i think. I wouldn't be surprised as well if people just go back to how they were prior snapper ratpac back into shape Do exactly what the prayer and just continue on with that. It wouldn't surprise me. Of course the stint it was time changed completely. But i think if by now you haven't moved away by now you haven't made any big real career changes. It's unlikely to suddenly you're going to do it when the world reopens you. Probably i mean you probably not going to do that. It's unlikely you're probably still making fuck keenum. Saudi bredon jimmy. It's the same sort of example. So i think people have probably moved on from their whole malarkey. Just wants to get back to some semblance of normality because end of the day. If we don't have no manatee what else do we have has been going. What's been going on of the weekend. Of course go see to sixty of took later from garneau versus st pay me. Oh chip number two great card. There's been los a- festivals raves up in selling out in record time which has been great to see again as a fan myself. It's great to see the appetizers still there which is no surprisingly when you consider all the play graves happened during the summer of last year and even towards the end of last year People just desperate to go out and govern stuff and it goes some of this and clips are probably tone that so that's great to see in social football. Don't give a fuck completely skipped it. It's a weird thing to do it. That's when you know like demand money involved with sponsors and stuff and it's effectively. How full a tree especially professional athletes right that. Just go out and dribble right. Don't care what the conditions are we could be at war. You have to play football But it really does seem a bit counterproductive to have insatiable. He played during a time when we are kind of banning a global pandemic. It doesn't make any sense as it really again off. Plays oil teams aren't really traveling too far. Then you know that obviously biden abode protocols necessary to have the top level doctors and whatever looking off them they have money to burn so they're going to be fine. Rice knows if Their regular scrubs like you.

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