A highlight from EP.155 - LAURIE ANDERSON


Hey how you doing podcasts. Adam buxton here. It is a beautiful sunny day out here in the norfolk countryside. It's easter sunday to be precise twenty twenty one and yes to celebrate. The sun has made an appearance. I was given to understand that it was going to be a whole week of sun. In fact the concept to the heat wave was being bandied around both willy. Nilly this time last week but we didn't get that out here instead it's been really quite grain cold. The last few days still cold today but nice fresh but wendy then if you can hear that thanks for telling me about the weather where you are in the post buckles. That's all right. Rosie is on patrol up ahead. Come and salo rose. You excited about easter rosie. East is an exciting time. isn't it east of might be. Maybe my favorite public holiday. What about that. Because you don't have to go totally overboard. The main challenge for a heathen like myself is to not eat the giant easter eggs in one sitting puff nat so right pretty low stress. Gross looking very beautiful today rosie. If i may say so come on. Yeah let's run. She's lucky be why you're running then. I thought it'd be fun. Don't drink from puddles especially farm puddles. Okay look i'm gonna tell you a little bit about my guest for podcast number one hundred and fifty five which features a rambling and quite short conversation with american artist and musician. Those descriptions barely scratched the surface of everything. She does laurie anderson. Laurie fax laurie. Currently aged seventy three was born and grew up in a suburb of chicago illinois. America in the late sixties and early seventies studied art history sculpture in new york. Well after working as an art teacher. Art critic and children's book at a straighter. She became an integral part of that. City's avant garde art scene producing performance pieces that incorporated often electronic musical. Compositions for example in one early piece cold duets on ice lori would play the violin while wearing ice skates. The blades of the skates were embedded into a block of ice which gradually melted until it had liquefied entirely when the performance ended. It is in nineteen eighty-two. Laurie released her debut album big science which featured selections from her eight hour performance. United states live in the iconic black and white cover photograph lori is wearing a white suit and big glasses with lenses painted white. Perhaps that's why she's holding up her little defensively. 'cause she like con- see because of like the white paint big science which is being reissued on vinyl for the first time in thirty years with a new red vinyl edition also available on non such records link in the description. The surprise uk number two hit owes superman after repeated plays from radio

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