LSU Mishandled Women’s Complaints Against Les Miles, Players


We've had quite an opera quite an afternoon Talking about the situation with with less miles. And i do I think before we get to our next guest. It might not be a bad idea to to go over some of this and we had Kenny jacoby on earlier he is the reporter who broke most of the this with his Fellow colleagues at at usa today and it's a confusing story. We'll try to piece it together with you as simply as possible too long reports over almost one hundred and fifty pages so we ask kenny. How involved where the board of supervisors that's the board of trustees and lsu they signed off on Less less miles is You know private written reprimand for these allegations against the students And and that's what a lot of the students. I've been speaking today to as you know. These people have known about these issues for a long time and nothing has been done about it until now in until it appeared in a national newspaper. What exactly we asked kenny worthy accusations against less miles less miles was accused of sexually harassing At least two if not three or more Student workers who worked in the athletic department He essentially wanted a role in personally interviewing them and selecting who would be picked and any what we learned today is he had a preference toward blonde Women with large breasts Who were you know particularly attractive. He he wanted this. As a way of sort of selling it to potential recruits selling the school As far as the sexual harassment. What we what we learned is that he you know when he hired these Young women he sometimes offered them To help their careers later later. Down the line after they graduated and then kind of turn that into a more personal relationship with them and and then ultimately one of the women said he kissed her alone when he was driving her in his car One of the other students that that was mentioned in this report today said that she had a very traumatic experience when she was alone in a room with him and alleged some sort of unwanted touching and and Decide such a profound impact on her that she basically up and left. The big headline of the day involves joel He is athletic director. Who wanted to fire miles. But ultimately he did not the athletic director who found his conduct so disturbing Back in two thousand thirteen that he said he thought they could fire him over with 'cause but instead they essentially swept the thing under the rug didn't tell the public about it Gave him a private letter of reprimand and made them attend counseling by then kept them around for another three years until he started losing games. So if that doesn't tell you who really you know has the power and the influence at that university It's hard to say what does and finally we ask kenny. How widespread were the problems these problems. Lsu were pervasive and not just limited to members of the football team or or athletic department. There was a neglect For for providing the proper and appropriate resources to be able to handle sexual assault and domestic violence complaints appropriately There is severe understaffing But when they did even you know process complaints often they would result in basically slaps on the wrist. You know students who'd been found responsible for rape Being allowed to stay on campus under probation so that that was earlier there reporter. We just got through talking to Kanye jacoby is is out with a new story with his team and he telegraphed this when we talked to him but the the new story involves students at lsu there they seem to be about the only folks outrage columnists or calling for miles to be fired at kansas. I mean that's not gonna matter so he's only he's only won three games there. I'd calling for the athletic director to be fired. They're both of them probably will go. I don't think they can be able to withstand the heat but according to a kenny latest in usa today the students on the lsu campus are very unhappy so far the school is announced to administrators. Will face suspensions for their failure to report but students are now saying that that is not enough The co founder of the student group tigers against sexual assault saying there's a myriad of people who need to be disciplined. You can't recognize that you've failed. And then keep everything the same and keep the status quo Lsu has launched it lsu launched this investigation. Not because of something they they felt needed to be rectified. They launched it after the reporting by usa today and in the world and forty eight page investigative report revealed today they pretty much acknowledged that

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