The Latest: Russia to make Sputnik V vaccine in Italy


The CDC will be watching to see if guidelines released for those people who have been vaccinated have an impact on virus spread now that the CDC has given long awaited guidelines for people who have been vaccinated west Palm Beach Florida granddad Lennard woggle Steen says he plans to take a drive to see his granddaughter because you know she's she's a teacher you know she was exposed to a lot of children and other people so will store arm us but we'll still go visit her I don't know however I probably will but his wife won't which makes sense to doctor Graham Snyder he's with the university of Pittsburgh Medical Center it's a wonderful thing that we have these vaccines and that they are safe and effective but we can assume that vaccination will keep our communities a hundred percent safe particularly those who are vulnerable and Graham adds the CDC is smart to take small steps and see if it has an impact on transmission I actually out there

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