Protests Erupt Over Paraguay’s Handling of COVID-19


Clashes between police and protesters in the capital as soon theon on Friday. I wanna go well. President Mario Abdo is now our school ministers to stand down. He says he would appoint a new Cabinet to deal with the demands of protesters who are angry at the government's handling of the Corona virus pandemic. Fiona Aquino is a report of the ABC TV channel in Paraguay. She described the scene in the capital last night. We can't say yesterday was a total disaster here Innocence soon because everyone is fed up with the government's corruption. That's why 4000 people were out in the streets protesting everything WASP very peacefully at first. But then we have like some incidents. We even have hot, someone who died in the protests yesterday. Now the protesters are angry over the government's handling off the corona virus pandemic. What are they worried about? In particular, people are out protesting because we don't have medicines like attract audio and meanness alarm in the hospitals. And people have to spend like two million won years or four million war nears that are like $600 per day to be able to buy this medicines. We don't have diverse sins here in para white. We are like six million people, and we got 4000 for since last month. Right now, The hospitals are collapsing. We have like 1000 in 200 cases per day. And like 300, people are in the intensive care unit. We came get any more people sick because we can And give them that attention they need. Why hasn't Parag wide got enough vaccines, the government said. At first we got like an agreement with the callbacks facility. We were supposed to receive four million vaccines for two million people. Because the calf like two shots, we were waiting for those persons, but we never got them. We are still waiting for the Provokes facility to give us those vaccines. Then we are actually waiting for the Russians were scenes to the government did not made all the deals. To buy those vaccines for the Para William people. That's the main problem. I see that there are accusations that the government has been stealing millions of dollars that could have been used to deal with the Corona virus pandemic. Could you tell me more about that? We got $500 million for the health Ministry. We don't have the medicines when it in the hospitals, So we even know that some people from poor families had to buy. Medicines that were or generally from the health Ministry. But if you go to the drugstore you can buy that attack Korea or bad mean a solemn that wasps from the health Ministry. So that's why people are talking about corruption. We even talked to some families day show US photos off the medicines. And it has imprinted in them. This is from the Health Ministry, and you cannot sell this, but people were buying those medicines. The president says that he's going to appoint a new Cabinet to deal with the demands off the Protesters. Is that going to keep people off the streets? Do you think I don't think so. Actually, people are right now. Going to the downtown wasn't young once again because people are fed up. Everyone wants the president and the vice president to go and this is not going at all. To apply Kate these protests in any way. I was feeling Aquino a report over the ABC TV channel in Paraguay.

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