President Trump, Twitter And Rhonda Santa discussed on Tony Katz Weekend


Should always stay away from not favoring free speech. Well, what I'm telling people what to do now It's critically important and sometimes I forget, because I've been through this for the last four years of being attacked and slandered and shadow band on Twitter and all the bad things that you know that Google and and all the legacy media companies have done too. Uh, to me to the President Trump to my family. So, so I become almost immune to it. And then I have some people actually know that this is happening. Censoring. I've been no. I've known this for several years now. On guy actually had told President Trump on numerous occasions like Look, Man, you're there on Twitter and Facebook. These places they're going to get rid of you. Ultimately, they're going to get rid of, you know, really. I think people realize how many times that Trump was being censored, even though they didn't know it right, right. So It's all in how that you re post something things of that nature. So here's what I tell people. If you want to make an impact. If you want to make an impact, we have to make sure that every Republican member of Congress and Senate Knows that censorship has to be their number 12 and three issue And I say that because you cannot win a battle for ideas or any type of battle without a communications architecture. The same holds true at the state level. Your state representatives Way heard from Rhonda Santa's this morning. I liked what he had to say that he's going to. If you censor a politician in Florida he's going to find these companies and hopefully that legislation is going to pass. So we need to see Legislation moving at the state level. We do have governors and we do have state legislators. That's gotta move quickly in order for us to get our communications architectures back up. Because the only way you're gonna impact these are my guards. You gotta remember these oligarchs have more money. Then then, like the Roman Empire, I read the other day that like the big tech companies, you know when you take you know the height of the Roman Empire, the richest Roman empire ever was like the three main companies are have more money, more wealth than that the height of the Roman Empire and more and more of the power of Caesar and power in a different way. Well, they control the communication system. I said I would ask this and I'm we're wrapping it up Congressman Devin Nunes here at CPAC Conservative Political Act. In conference and all the talk is Trump 2024. Is he? The leader of the party is the need for Donald Trump in 2024. Where is the need for the lessons learned from having four years

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