Meghan & Harry Open Up About Royal Family in Upcoming Oprah TV Interview


With. Later this weekend, former Royals Harry and Meghan will open up in a TV interview. Those two are embroiled in a royal family feuds is ABC is James Long Men in London and an upcoming interview with Oprah Winfrey. Meghan claims Palisades intervened when Winfrey asked her for an interview months before the 2018 wedding. This comes just as Buckingham Palace took an unprecedented step. Opening an investigation into bullying claims against the Duchess. Well, Harry and Megan won't be involved in the investigation. Senior raids are expected to be questioned. Meghan's office has called the report a smear campaign. Critics also asking if the palace is going to investigate the duchess. Why not also look into Prince Andrew, who faces even more serious allegations around his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein? Sanders denied any wrongdoing

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