A highlight from Why it Pays to Raise Pay


Excited to graduate from college with a finance degree and find a job as a financial analyst but competition for jobs was stiff and she had bills to pay and i needed a job right away so i started as data entry specialists making ten dollars an hour. I grew my responsibilities pretty quickly and in a couple of months my salary had become about thirty thousand dollars. Rosetta started working at gravity payments financial services startup. She quickly discovered that thirty thousand dollars. A year was not enough to cover her living expenses and student debt to make ends meet. Rosetta had to find a second income. I would leave work at five. And i would start work at mcdonalds at five thirty and i would go five thirty to eleven every night on weeknights. Wow oh my gosh. You did that for a year and a half. I did that for a year and a half. it was survival mode for me. There were moments in time before. I actually got the job where i would lineup at a food bank to get some food because it was that important for me like that. Was the survival. Note that i was in and mcdonald's gave me a little bit of breathing room from that for over a year. Rosetta didn't tell anyone about her second job. Not even her friends knew her life revolved around work. There was so much that i lost. There is so much in my friendships and the relationships that i built my health probably took the hardest hit around that time but during that time like that's all i needed a focus on ways. Get to one job and get to the second job and do well at both of them. She excelled in both jobs. Mcdonald's kept offering her promotions and she kept turning them down but one day. They made an offer that made her think twice. Now i was entertaining the idea because it was going to give me a dollar more an hour so i took the manual and i said let me take a look at it back at gravity without thinking twice. I pulled the manual out of my bag and i left it on the desk. The ceo walked in to hand or something and he saw the manual on my desk. They said do you want to fill us in on what's going on. I broke down crying. I was like well here. We go about to lose my job. But they didn't fire her. They asked her what her finances looked. Like and what salary would make it possible for her to leave. Mcdonald's sign went home. And i did the math. I came back. And i said i need to make an additional ten thousand dollars a year from gravity and they talked for a little bit and came back in. They said okay. We'll get that to you. We all know the importance of a living wage but that was just the beginning. Gravity went on to do something much bolder with rosetta income. And everyone else. It made me wonder what if better pay or even generous pay is better for people and

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