How Does Tik Tok Lead Generation Ads Work


Last year since it really grew. And hey should i be on tiktok that you know as my audience there and so that's what i really wanted to talk to you about recently. Tiktok launched legion as one of the campaign objectives and it really just copies the campaign objectives from google from facebook from linked in twitter. And you'll notice if you're setting if you're setting up in ads account on any of those platforms. One of the first things that are going to do when you're looking at the ads. Creation is choosing the audience right. That's one of the things but the first step is really choosing the objective. And so if you go on tiktok in the ads manager part of tiktok you can see that. They now offer lead generation as one of the objectives right so if you wanna generate leads beat a b. or b. two c. It's there for tiktok whether it's gonna work for your business or your product or service or industry it. You'll need to test. I am testing it right now with a couple different clients. I'm testing it with my podcast. I actually just set up a lead gen campaign on tiktok for fifty dollars to run over the course of actually sixty dollars over the course of. I believe it's three days. So that's the minimum or you can choose the other minimum which is Twenty dollars a day but if we look at the audience the way i see it as this sixty two percent of all tiktokers are in the. Us are between the ages of ten and twenty nine. so that's not my audience. I know my audience the majority of the decision makers that i worked with them daily basis as a b. two b. service provider. My audience is forty five to sixty five years old. That's those are the people that are almost always making the decisions on building account. So you have to figure out if you're a b. two b. is your audience there presumably if they're telling me that sixty two percent or ten twenty nine than the other thirty percent are thirty years to sixty five years. Don't but i don't know a lot of adults who are of a you know even my my age category genetics Spending too much time on tiktok nevertheless even if you can get a small audience and generate some leads. Hey you wanna be creating brand awareness. If your lifestyle brand you sell products and

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