A highlight from Ep 417 | The Self & The Sexual Revolution | Guest: Dr. Carl Trueman


Relatable hope. Everyone is having a wonderful day. I'm so excited for you to listen to this conversation with dr carl true you might have read some of his articles before he recently wrote a book called rise and triumph of the modern self where he really outlined the philosophical foundations for how we understand who we are in mainstream culture today. That gives us a lot of insight into for example transgender ideology and this entire idea that we are our own gods that we determine our truth really a lot of stuff that we also talked about In in my book as well but he gives a a lot of academic and intellectual and philosophical and theological context for all of this just a fascinating book and a fascinating person to speak to. He's also a professor. So i'm just so excited for you to listen to this dialogue without further ado. Here's dr carl. Trueman dr chairman. Thank you so much for joining for those who don't know and have it been reading your stuff like i have. Can you tell everyone who you are what you do. I'm a professor of biblical religious studies at grow city college in western pennsylvania. And i right at first. Things and public. Discourse online and i teach A variety of historical humanities courses here at grove city college. Yes and you recently wrote a book published by crossway called the rise and triumph of the modern self cultural amnesia expressive individualism and the road to sexual revolution. It's a hefty book about four hundred pages. There's a lot that's packed in there. You probably feel like you could have written a lot more. Can you tell everyone why you decided to write this book with so much information and background about the cultural changes that we're experiencing right now. Yeah it's a. It's a book that really arose in some ways quite by accident. A few years ago rod. Dreher and just in taylor. Justin is the editor across way approached me and asked if i would write a book. Introducing the work of the sociologist philip reef to a wider audience. And as i was starting to work on that i came to realize that more interesting book would be an application of reefs ideas to contemporary society. And this round about the time. That abigail v hodges the gay marriage supreme court cases being decided and Transgenderism trans ideology was beginning to grip the popular immagination. So the book really arose out of a desire to try to help people understand why the dramatic changes specifically in the areas of sexual morality and sexual identity that we now witnessing taking place by looking at the long story of western culture over the last three hundred years and applying some of the insights of philip refund. Couple of other philosophers. Charles taylor analysis day mcintyre to our contemporary situation. Most people feel that a lot of the changes that have happened in the sexual revolution have just been over the past five years. Maybe before that we just weren't paying attention her we didn't notice. I think even six years ago if you would have said that That by the time. Twenty twenty twenty. Twenty one comes around. We won't be able to or the government won't be able to objectively define what a woman is or what a man is most of us would say we don't see the culture going that direction at all you sound you sound crazy and yet you argue that this has been building up for a very long time even before the nineteen sixties when a lot of the sexual revolution started. Can you talk about some of that build up in the philosophical foundations for where we i. Yes you're absolutely. Correct that the speed of things seems to be breathtaking. Few years and i think that's that's part of of what gives us that. The clue that what. We're witnessing a fast and rapid and dramatic changes but they have to have come from somewhere for them to have happened with such speed means that other changes in society after four eighty taken place and being very deep seated. And i i take my cue in the book. The the statements I'm a woman trapped in a man's body. I'm a man trapped in a woman's body. And i ask what has to be true in broader society for that sentence to to come to make sense at essentially a number of things need to be true one. We need to have authorized interfering in a way that they carry decisive authority for who we think we are too. We have to have in a related sense. Downplay the importance of the physical downplayed the importance of the body. Our identity in other words transformed our identity into something that's really connected to in a desires. And thirdly we we have to have made the move that sees any attempt to curb kerala desires as being politically oppressive.

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