Indigenous People Are Using Documentaries to Tell Their Own Stories



You are on indian. Land was directed by michael gonna takeo mitchell a mohawks maker from aqua socity. He also narrated. The film was awesome which the white man calls the saint regis reservation on this line long before the two countries decided to draw line between themselves. Michael was part of what is known as the indian film crew. It was the first all indigenous unit at the fbi. The use of the word indian was a product of the time. So i'm using it in a historical context i'm talking about quote unquote indian as in indigenous. So michael was one of seven indigenous members. Who made up the indian film crew. There was also dibwe filmmaker roy daniels. Tom o'connor snobby. Barbara wilson who has haida north star blanket cree and magma filmmakers morris isaac and willie done so the crew represented many nations members also created a number of important works documentaries like these are my people. I'm a more fog. And i was born on this reservation and i was raised here and i don a lot of traffic times on the other nations in discontinuity and films like the other side of the ledger. An indian view on the hudson's bay company in sixteen seventy charles the second granted the company of adventures trading into hudson's bay otherwise known as the hudson's bay company this charter giving the company an absolute trade monopoly over one million square miles of land. In what is now canada. The indian film crew was established at a time when indigenous people were often the subjects of documentaries but weren't behind the cameras creating the films themselves in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight. A man named george stoney who was an executive director at the fbi decided it was time to put the camera in the hands of indigenous people.

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