Park Howell: The Business of Story


I'm looking forward to this because as i said you're nine notebook both no big story not just story but how to construct story and the power of story and you and i talked about in our previous conversation. It's just it's a delicious subject a thing everybody can live from but before i jump into that We stopped by in this world of great influences. Every mondays dogs and influenza who somebody who's influenced you in your leadership who maybe we wouldn't consider all maybe wouldn't automatically think who's somebody who's had not influence on you want an automatically thinking boy. That's a you know. Dr seuss popped into my mind if i ran. The circus was my favorite book growing up. And i don't know why that is a lot of places a lot of people say. Oh the places you'll go. Which is another fabulous. Dr seuss thome. But if i ran the circus i don't know my dad used to sit down and read that to me all the time. He ran his own company which was heavy construction up in the seattle area Dams bridges tunnels. I mean big time stuff and he said yep life is a little bit like this book. So i would look at dr seuss and then Someone that you probably have heard of Sir richard branson. I'm large admire of him. But not a big surprise there. The surprise here though. Is i out of nowhere. Got a very fortunate invite to visit he in his island. A month ago was out necker In march with a company here called digital airstrike spent a week on necker working with Automotive groups in having a chance. To listen to. And be around. Richard branson and i gotta tell you everything he espouses as a leader everything you would think of him being he is and then some and i'll be honest with you. I was prepared to be disappointed. When i got there and yet i was still completely and utterly blown

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