NASCAR Drivers Try Out Racing Version of Ford's Mustang Mach-E


Nascar drivers recently had a chance to test a new ford vehicle. It's got seven motors in it. It's got fourteen hundred horsepower and electric mark rush broke global director of ford performance motorsports. The company developed a racing version of its all electric mustang machi crossover. It pushes everything to the extreme to really show what the potential is of this platform and for electric powertrains. The prototype is not street legal and it's not competing in races but the company is using it to showcase what an can do feel that. Almost instantaneous torque going from a standing start and it is just a very sustained high rate of acceleration even our nascar drivers that drive very high power internal combustion engine race cars. They just come out smiling and excited about what the future is. The car may be a one off. But ford says its commitment to vs is not the company recently announced it's increasing its investment in vs to twenty two billion dollars so rush brooke says ford wants to get people thinking about is not only as good for the climate but his fun fast and powerful

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