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The austin texas in our hearts for another homes alone. Addition we've been making these for about a year. The last show that i did with guests in curson was in austin taxes like last march. 'cause i i went out to austin for south by southwest like thinking. Well it's canceled but it out. Little smaller events will occur at you. We'll try to make the best of it and then you know nothing happened at that point so i just ended up hanging out in austin during a pandemic but it was a nice place to start my guest today. Are all my friends and regulars from the will you accept. This rose podcast. So this is a special crossover events especially for south by southwest. We've done doug loves movies at south by. I think every year for the past like twelve or thirteen years. Maybe maybe not that long but for a long time and So excited to do this. Special video zoom edition for for south by with my guests who have been waiting so patiently for me to their names aren't in marine rob benedict and jerry trainor. Hello i ain't it finally got you got your also quietly rating. It was hard really hard. it was difficult. I thought i found like bussing out a monologue or something you see. Just hang out during yet. I would've. I wouldn't have liked it waited. I've got some sides from a blue bloods edition lieutenant. Lieutenant finger does not belong to the man. I just did a spec script for blue bloods. Don't want to be our blue bloods. Because i don't need tom selleck in my ear all day about reverse mortgages. You won't shut up about odd. Let it go. He's like my first rodeo. And i go. We're not at a rodeo. This might be your last rodeo. Because it's not actually a rodeo. Say hi to everybody. In order of times they've appeared on the show. So let's start with the newest of newbies. It's his first time be gentle. It is jerry trainer. Hi jerry piano to be here. Big fan longtime listener for some caller. I love your headphones barrick siding you seem like a star wars character chilin in his dorm room. That's what i was going for an adolescent waiting for his stormtrooper dad to come home from the death star but he never came day. Well you know what did come to jerry trainers. Life bats a reboot of carly accordion. Soon coming to netflix netflix. Well paramedics the first three seasons on two seasons for some reason on. that's correct. They did that like a drug dealer to get you hooked got it. The first couple of seasons are free and then climb. Climb the mountain come on up to the paramount. Our whole new batch of kids. That are discovering uncle. Right out my friends camp. I gotta go pick his face on your pants or wearing uncle steve skirt and it's called uncle. What is it that you're

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