Philadelphia Eagles sign QB Joe Flacco to baffling contract


All these teams that i feel like or at least maybe all of them but some of them have gotten better and you're competing against all those teams to win the super bowl and the eagles are finding joe. Flacco like you have to compare what the eagles are doing to other teams in the league. I don't see how they're progressing at all. And i think other teams are getting better or at least you know if they're really good they're staying the same. Just don't get it jimmy. I ending every point with. I don't get it better matt on that. All well said all right point number seven years the play. They're going to tank lose a lot of games anyway. So that's good. It's it's bad because if go black the why would you pay him. Three point five million. Then if if that's the idea that he's gonna lose a lot of games to play. Then why would you. Why would you pay him anything like why would you even bring them in. So i don't get that just from that logical standpoint to begin with and the deal only gets worse if he plays probably because i'm guessing some of those incentives not necessarily the seven point five. But i'm going to guess like one point five. I'm going to say it's at least like five billion if he plays you know a reasonable amount of time then like you're watching this guy play. The team sucks presumably. And like it's only like the future of the team is only getting worse. I mean you might be losing games and that's good for a job pick but like you're losing money losing cap space that could be rolled over the next year. You're wasting your lighting it on fire to watch joe flacco play. Who isn't even like an entertaining player. Right it's not like they signed a guy who is bad but like he can kind of do some things and leg. It's of fun bad. It's just like a very boring aesthetically unpleasing. What's hey great. Fit for the eagles offense because they know all about that or at least they have in recent seasons. But it's just crazy to me again. Say it for the bill times to

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