Killing Filibuster Could Create 'Nuclear Winter' in Senate


Should bake your bagels folks. Big time people close to biden. Tell us he's feeling bullish. What he can accomplish. And is fully prepared to support the dashing of the senate filibuster all to allow democrats to pass voting rights eilly famous voting rights and other trophy legislation for his party. Biden loves the growing narrative that he's boulder and bigger thinking than obama. Did that statement alone folks. Do you should be sweating right now. If you're not start sweating. Quick also goes on this temptation to go even bigger senate. Republican leader. Mcconnell insists will create such a fisher between the parties and he compared it this week to a nuclear winter. The temptation for biden to transform the country that is so in media terms biden's ready to pounce stories remember democrats score screw up the stories never about the democrat the media so he's about the republican response to the story. Republicans pounce on andrew cuomo getting people killed in nursing homes. Never about cuomo but biden's about the paths biden's about to transform the country to the ugly justice league nightmare batman scenario. What's coming folks. Because if you don't know what's coming down the line you don't know how to stop it. Let me just go through the litany of things. I'm getting from my sources in some which are open source out there and you can on your own things that could be coming your way. If biden nukes the filibuster meaning. He'll need just fifty one votes in the senate to pass legislation fifty one votes. He has there are fifty democrats. Dan you said they need fifty one. That's majority yes. Fifty democrats fifty republicans. Kamala harris is the deciding vote. Commerce has more liberal than joe biden if they can hold their caucus together the democrats this stuff will all go through if they nuked the filibuster

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