A highlight from Are You Offering the Right Services?


Alot and welcome back to another episode of the influence or podcast. Today i am doing one of my favorite things that i get to do with you which is bringing you in to a actual to an actual real coaching call with me and my amazing members and the reason why i wanted to share this conversation you guys is because it is about one of my favorite favorite favorite topics to coach on and really to strategize on. I believe there's a difference between strategy and coaching So this is kind of a mix of both. This is like a strategy session and coaching session. But it's on your offers. And the reason why i love talking about this so much and i love. This topic is not only how important it is to the trajectory of growing scaling. Your business but it's also something that i think. It sounds really simple. And i think that a lot of us feel like we know what our offer is but we actually don't have the right off her and that's the reason why we don't see growth. That's the reason why we don't make the sales that we want.

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